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This is the first group of songs that really mean a lot to me.
I hope you like it! <3


released 01 February 2014

-All songs written and recorded by Alec Grefe
-Album art by Samantha Strauss



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Call
Standing in the park
caught in the rain
waiting till the dark
calling your name
Track Name: Tattoo Land
Tattoo land
born and raised
an hourglass
to count his days
Neon Lights
Off the pave
a copper heart
to know his place
A thorny crown
to know the way

Father John
with his books
plucked his eye
on devils hook
tattoo man
coming true
you can't rewind what you do
you can't combine your lies and truths
Track Name: In Your Arms
sunshine in my eyes
going blind
winter time in my mind
gonna die
might as well be in the arms of the one you love
Track Name: Coat
You are my sun
you are my stars
I loved you everyday

You wore my coat
and cut my throat
I loved you anyway
I'll love you everyday
Track Name: My Morning Dove
You're the first one to ever make me fall in love
My golden angel
you're my weightless morning dove

You have my entire heart
I gave you it
You know my darkest parts
I told you them

Inside your eyes
an endless swirling starry sea
My heart is broken if it cannot be with thee

You have my entire heart
I gave you it
You know my darkest parts
I told you them
Track Name: Make Believe
My head goes wandering through the streets
inviting strangers to my sleep
They're in my dreams, they're screaming still
but my mind hasn't changed and it never will

It comes and goes
it comes and goes
it comes and goes, feeling alone

My hearts chained up below the sea
it's bound to drown for eternity
a thousand years of make believe
alone together you and me

It comes and goes
it comes and goes
it comes and goes, this feeling I know
Track Name: Drip
Nothing like the gloom
of a hotel room
sitting on the bed
holding on to a balloon

listening to the screams
on a spooky Halloween
waiting for a visit
from a loving queen

Just looking for some bliss
in a $20 kiss
anything at all
to feel her press upon my lips

But there's a sting
every time the doorbell rings
no one's there
this is not the real thing
Passing out hash
in the pumpkin patch
counting all the ghosts
of the Siamese cats

They follow me home
our ghostly roam
back to my head
where everything's alone

Looking for a thrill
in some $20 pills
choking down life
for another empty fill

I would trade my heaven
for a motorcycle ride
a little more time
with you
laying on the beach
of an empty sea
no tides to pull me
where I wanna be

no plans
just picking up sand
watching time
as it slips through my hands

Nothing like a slit
to know that you exist
give a little life
to die a little bit

counting all the drips
falling from my wrists
just a little more
to keep my tryst
there's one thing that I've learned
from all the time I've burned
“for a life,
there's nothing in return”